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Convert Youtube Shorts to MP4 & MP3 online

YoutubeToMP3music is not just for MP3 files, we're not squares here, we know other stuff. And so on increased demand we present to you this page which helps you download Youtube Shorts, as well as Instagram Reels, videos from Tik Tok, even short Reddits, Twitter videos, quick-posts, and any other short funny and outrageous vids from all social platforms and video aggregator sites. if you see something that maybe a short video worthy of download - we can help, just follow instructions below and you'll be soon in possession of brand new short MP4 video file, or MP3 converted from that short video, which can be used for smartphone ringtones too.

Download short online video as MP4, convert to MP3

Besides saving Youtube Shorts as MP4 video file, we can also convert it to MP3, offer M4A file for the audio, as well as provide WEBM in most cases. Same will be applicable to Tik Tok videos, Instagram Reels, short Reddits, etc. Just check the dropdown list for more download options when it's available.


How to use this website to download Youtube Shorts?

Get free web-app for easy access

Add to Home Screen

It's really easy to download Youtube Shorts videos using youtubetomp3music web app. Simply click on the button above, and confirm installation with the browser. This app will help do everything our website does, - in the comfort of your Android smartphone or Windows device. It needs no updates, it can be removed in 2 clicks, - check it out, it's a great app to install.

Bookmark for easy no copy-paste access

Download MP3

It's sometimes called a shortcut. We call it a Bookmark on steroids. Drag and drop the button below to activate it. This works best on a desktop or laptop. Open a Youtube video and click the bookmark to show how it works. Instantly, you will be redirected to this page. The URL of the video page you were viewing is also sent along. This skips the tedious copy-paste step, which seems to be the most difficult. It's not surprising, even a calculator could save a number and return it back. The only difference is that bookmarklet clipboard does not involve any Javascript code. You can try it, or delete it later if it doesn't suit you.

FAQ Section

What is the fastest way to convert Youtube Short to mp3?

  1. Access the Youtube Short video you need to convert to MP3, copy it to clipboard.
  2. Visit YoutubeToMP3Music and insert video URL into the input form, hit Download.
  3. Select the MP3 file format you wish then click "Download" button to start converter.

What are the supported audio/video formats?

We offer a ton of conversion options and allow you to download MP4, MP3, M4A, WEBM, M3U8 formats.

Is there any limit on the amount of file downloads?

No. Our website allows users to convert and download unlimited amount of Youtube Shorts, IG Reels, Tiktoks, etc and all for free.

How to download Youtube Shorts on Android mobile and other smartphone?

  1. Access Youtube app on your Android device; copy the video URL you wish to convert to MP4 or extract audio to MP3.
  2. Paste the URL into the form up above. Hit Download and wait while we scan the videp page
  3. Now select MP3, MP4 or any other video/audio format you wish to download then long-tap "Download" to start the download.

What are the compatible devices for this app?

We offer the service that is not based on any OS or browser in particular, it works with all desktop devices, laptops, smart phones and tablets, including even game consoles.

Where do I download files to on my laptop?

Files you've downloaded are auto-magically placed in the default Downloads folder on your device, find it via browser menu Downloads or use device shortcuts like Windows has.