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Download Youtube video as MP4 easy & quick

Youtube-To-MP3-Music is a great place to download videos as MP4 (as well as other popular formats). There's nothing to it, just copy video URL and insert it here. If that is too much for us to ask of you, - try our bookmarklet (shortcut), it helps skip copy-pasting of the video URL and go right to the downloading (and converting) MP4 file part. You can also download video to MP3, WEBM, audio as M4A or any other available format out there. Simply give us the URL and we'll show you how to download that video to your device.

Download Youtube videos with all format options

We recommend MP4 for video, and M4A or MP3 for the audio part of your download. But of course we provide many other download and converter formats for Youtube videos as well as videos from 100s other sources that we also support here.


Download Youtube video to MP4, step by step guide

Youtube Download video file web-app

Add to Home Screen

You can try this App. Click here to download it. Use the standard browser as your shell to access it. It works like a browser that is used only to access our website and nothing else. That's web-app. You can install it on Windows and Android compatible devices. Uninstall it with one click if it doesn't suit you. App is a website that mimics it. It does everything the website does. Give it a go.

Save it quick with shortcut/bookmark

Download MP3

It is sometimes called a shortcut. But we call it a Bookmark On Steroids. Simply drag and drop the button to activate it. It works best on desktops or laptops. You can see how it works by opening a Youtube video, and pressing the bookmark. You'll be instantly redirected to the page. This isn't surprising. Even a calculator can save numbers and produce them back. However, bookmarklet clipboard doesn't involve this. All that is required is a small piece of Javascript code, which is attached to the bookmark-let. If you don't like it, you can delete it.

FAQ Section

How to download Youtube video on a Smartphone?

  1. open Youtube app, then find video, copy video URL to clipboard.
  2. Paste the the video URL into the search box, tap the Download buttonto begin
  3. Now Select the format you want to download then tap "Get Link". After a few moments download the file from new download link..
  4. Now select the right-click menu option 'Download Link' and have fun.

Do you limit the number of downloads per day per user?

No, everyone can do download as much as needed, try to limit yourselves though cause others are also downloading.

Where to find the downloaded files on my computer?

Try CTRL+R while browser is open to open default Downloads folder, on Smartphones use browser menu to open Downloads section.

What is the easiest way to download Youtube as mp4?

  1. Open the video you want to download on Youtube, copy its link to clipboard.
  2. Visit youtubetomp3music and paste video URL into input field, then press convert button.
  3. Choose the format and video quality and size you want, and download the MP4 video file.

What are the platforms the converter supports?

There's no restrictions, this app will work anywhere platform-independent, just needs a browser to function.

Can you work with video playlists?

Yes, check our Youtube Playlist downloader section for more detailed info.