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Hi, welcome to Youtube To MP3 Music Converter. It's a free online app that requires no software installation, no registration, no subscription, not even special tech knowledge is needed to operate this simple and attractive purple app. There's no denying, this is a multi-functional online web-app that can help you with vast array of your video/audio projects, it can convert online videos from 100s of websites to MP3 and other possible formats. There's definitely already an army of sites like this one, only our features and special opportunities have made this website and app one of the top choices when it comes to Youtube to MP3 converter online. Without further ado, here is why our Yt MP3 Converter is way cooler than most others:

Convert videos to MP3 and other audio formats

These and dozens of other most popular currently audio formats are supported here, simply let us know if you are missing some file format here, and we will add it promptly. Go on the contacts page to proceed with the request. We are always working on improving this website, so maybe tomorrow your favorite format will appear, no worries.


Step by step guide: how to convert Yt video to MP3 music?

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Try this App - click here to install it with the standard favorite browser as the shell for access, it's like browser is only used to access our site and nothing else, that's what web-app is, pretty much. Install it on Windows or Android compatible device, uninstall it with 1 click if you don't like it. App simply imitates the website, does everything that website does. Give it a try.

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Some call it shortcut, we call it a Bookmark on steroids. To activate it, simply drag and drop this button below to your browser bookmarks section (works best on desktop or laptop). To demonstrate the way it works, - open some video on Youtube and press the bookmark. You will instantly find yourself redirected here and video page URL you were on is sent along with you, skipping the dreadful copy-paste step of the process, as it seems to be the hardest part of them all.. There's nothing surprising about it though, even a calculator can save a number and then produce it back, same principle here, only with Bookmarklet clipboard is not involved and all is done by a tiny piece of Javascript code attached to this bookmark-let. Try it out, simply delete it later, if you don't like it.

FAQ Section

What's the best way to convert Youtube video to MP3 music?

  1. Copy the link to the video that you want to save, then open it.
  2. Go to youtubetomp3music, insert the video link into the search box and submit. Press Download.
  3. Wait for the download options to appear, then select HQ MP3 Converter and download file.

How do you convert Youtube to MP3 on your iPhone or Android phone?

  1. Similar to before, access Youtube video using the Youtube App (or your browser), and copy the URL link.
  2. Insert link into the form and hit the Download button. Wait while we scan the page to find downloadable videos
  3. Select the MP3 file you wish to download from the drop-down menu.

Where do MP3s go when I save a file to my laptop?

It's simple to locate all browser downloads on your computer. Simply open your browser's menu and tap the Downloads option. This will open a list of all your most recent downloads.

What audio formats do you offer in your converter?

There is MP3 and several other audio formats, including M4A (superior, higher quality than MP3), WEBM and OGG. You can find more formats in the drop-down menu.

Is there any limit to the number of converted MP3s per day ?

No. No. Not per day, per hour, and not per week. This website is not tracked.

Can this app support playlist download and playback?

We can handle large Youtube playlists as well as multi-video Instagram and Reddit posts. We can help you. Just send us the URL of your playlist.